Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Marketing as it is known today, has grown into a $2 Billion industry and is now being viewed by many Fortune 500 companies as a necessary online strategy. Boost Search Marketing focuses on helping companies with their search engine optimization, branding and strategy, along with competitive intelligence.

Boost Search Marketing offers strategic analysis and a search engine optimization program that will place your organization higher on search engine results, which will drive greater amounts of traffic to your site plus we offer a monthly strategic plan to ensure the long term gains associated with an effective search engine marketing campaign.

Traditional search marketing is widely accepted to be comprised of three major components:

Natural search optimization which is defined as:

“A search engine optimization process composed of successful site architecture combined with proven optimization techniques to make your site more ‘search engine friendly’ to search engine robots who crawl and index your site”.

Paid Listings or Pay per Click Campaigns which are defined as:

“Sponsored links that are keyword targeted and served up on a search engine results page to drive traffic based upon an end user’s query”

Paid Inclusion including XML Trusted Feeds which is defined as:

“Paid listings that are served up via standard search results via the XML protocol which is a programming language used to define other markup languages like HTML. Current XML/Trusted Feed programs include Inktomi, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves, FAST and InfoSpace.

A complete search marketing campaign, especially at the enterprise level, will encompass all three components for maximum reach and visibility. The true differentiating factor in a competitive campaign will be strategy much like a chess match where the best results are achieved by strategic planning and direction. Boost Search Marketing excels in strategic planning for your search marketing campaign.